before and after

IMG_0190 NY rain

we keep time
not so much in days or years,
but in moments that stop everything.
some moments create deep fissures
in the skin of our souls,
as though splintering the heart,
penetrating even our deepest being.

each soul is marked by scars
by tears not shed
by pain too great
by fires gone out
by before,
and after.

(c) 2020 BGeiger


IMG_0840 (2)

What hast thou done?
The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.
Genesis 4:10

Black lives DO matter.
Black lives are important and necessary and cherished.
George Floyd mattered, he was loved.
George Floyd was murdered by hatred.
George Floyd’s blood cries out from the ground even now,
and will forever echo throughout the universe.

(c) 2020 BGeiger