I am a survivor of domestic violence.  But that does not define me. I say it so that I am not misunderstood.  I am older now, wiser, and much more comfortable in my own skin. My children, who are also survivors of that time, and of my mistakes, are grown and have children of their own. They are strong, independent women, who would not take abuse for one moment.

I can absolutely attest that leaving is not easy, but staying because it is hard to leave is not a good reason to become a statistic.  Fear is truly a paralyzing emotion.  Women today have many more tools at their disposal, but we are still lovers, wives and mothers who have made a life with someone that is no longer livable.

Our time in the shelter taught me that we are all very much alike. None of us is truly as alone as we feel when we are in it. That said, no relationship is worth your soul, your sanity, or your life. I long for a day when domestic violence is a thing of the past, but I fear that will not be soon, if ever.

If you know someone who needs a fresh start in life, please reach out. If you are that someone, please get help.

Don’t wait to leave until the day after he kills you.